If you are an investor/entrepreneur, Australia would be one of the best countries for your new business adventure. If you are interested in this market, our investment and immigration specialist recommends that you should consider applying for an Australian investment and business visa. Because this option may not only bring prosperity but also life benefits for your whole family. 

There are other options of Australian investment and business visas in part 4 and part 5 that maybe best suit you. Once you have a good understanding of these options, you should refer to the profitable investment fields section for further information. (part 8). In particular, also in this section, successful Australian investors have advice for you.

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What is the Australian immigrant investor visa program?

The Australian immigrant investor program is also known as the Australian investor visa. This is a program for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who meet the requirements to come to Australia to do business / investment and especially fulfill their Australian permanent life.

The most up-to-date Australian immigration investment policy

According to the Australian immigration law, since 01.7.2021, there have been only 8 investment visa options for entrepreneurs to settle in Australia since the 3 other visas no longer exist including:

Please refer to the following part of this article to know more about the remaining 4 types of business innovation and investment visas.

Types of Australian business innovation and investment visas

The Australian business innovation and investment visa is divided into 2 groups: temporary resident visa and permanent resident visa. Currently, investors need to go through 2 stages with 2 corresponding visa types to continue investing and residing permanently.


VisasProvisional visa (subclass 188)(Permanent) visa (subclass 888)
Business Innovation StreamSubclass 188A visaSubclass 888A visa
Investor StreamSubclass 188B visaSubclass 888B visa
Significant Investor StreamSubclass 188C visaSubclass 888C visa
Entrepreneur StreamSubclass 188E visaSubclass 888E visa


The Australian business innovation and investment visa advisory event organized by VEM with the participation of The Government of Western Australia and investors has taken place successfully.

You can refer to articles about these visas on VEM’s website. To choose a suitable visa in the best pathway, it is highly recommended to schedule a consultation session with our investment & immigration specialist.

Australian business innovation and investment visas

Differences among Australian business innovation and investment visas

Differences among Australian temporary residency investor visas (subclass 188 visa)

Depending on the conditions, abilities and desires of each investor, determining the appropriate visa type and route is very important. In the temporary residence category, there are 4 types of visas:

Age< 55 years old< 55 years oldNot required.< 55 years old
Migration points>= 65 points>= 65 pointsNot required.Not required.
English>= 4.5 IELTS>= 4.5 IELTS>= 4.5 IELTS>= 6.0 IELTS
Business ownership and management experience>= 2 years>= 3 yearsNot required.Establish a business in Australia with the required capital.
Minimum revenue750,000AUDNo proof required.No proof required.No proof required.
Minimum assets1,250,000AUD2,500,000AUD  
Minimum investment


(depending on the designation of each state).



(by the third party).


If you are not clear the above differences, do not hesitate to contact us to book consultation now.

Differences among business innovation and investment (permanent) visas (subclass 888)

Conditions for applying for a subclass 888 visa (stage 2) are based on the subclass 188 visas that the applicant is holding. Some important requirements are period of residence, minimum turnover,…

You can read the article: “requirements for a visa subclass 888 – business innovation and investment (permanent) visa ” for details.

Benefits of the investor/business visas

The outstanding feature of these visas is to bring eligible family member to enjoy Australian benefits as Australian permanent residents, specifically included:


  • Subclass 188 visa: the length of stay is the duration of the visa.
  • Subclass 888 visa: the family can settle in Australian permanently.
Sponsor family memberCan bring eligible family members to come to Australia to enjoy the same benefits.
Business and InvestmentThe visa holder is allowed to invest, run business in Australia.
Social securityIf you hold an 888 visa, you and your family members are entitled to medicare (Australia’s public health program) and other benefits for permanent residents.
Education and working
  • Working and studying in Australia.
  • The visa holder’s children are supported by the Australian government with 100% tuition fees for their high school education.
  • Having the opportunity to be eligible for the Australian government to support tuition fees for the post-secondary program.
  • The visa holder and family members can borrow money from the government to pay for their tuition.
Free entriesBeing able to travel outside Australia and return as many times as they want while the visa is valid.
Applying for Australian citizenship, if eligiblePermanent resident visa holders have the opportunity to naturalize to become Australian citizens.


Applying for an Australian investor visa is a visionary decision-making for your whole family. it would be necessary to make sure you fully understand the benefits that a visa offers before applying.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us for an online appointment with Mr. Phong Cao – who is licensed by the Australian government (MARN: 1577877).

2023 is the golden time

to settle in Australia under a business innovation and investment visa

If the applicant intends to do business or to invest in Australia, it is the right time to implement.

For this reason, currently, the Australian government prioritizes business innovation and investment visa processing. This helps the applicant and their families have the opportunity to settle in Australia to enjoy many attractive welfare policies and contribute to supporting Australia’s economic recovery due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic.

According to last year’s Australian immigration policy (2021), applicants for a business innovation and investment (provisional) visa (a subclass 188 visa) are likely to be doubled in the chance of success since the government has increased the numbers of visa from 6862 (in 2019-2020) to 13500 visas.

When applying for visa 188, you can also add your family members come to Australia to study, do business, invest and enjoy Australian life. After a period of holding visa 188, you have the opportunity to apply for visa 888 so that your whole family can become permanent residents, Australian citizens, and enjoy the full privileges of this country!

4 Types of Investments

(that) entrepreneurs are interested in

The total value of Australia's agricultural industry increased by 26.8% in the fourth quarter of 2020. Moreover, the purchase and sale activities of agricultural products, transportation, especially agricultural exports increased by 23.5%. The agricultural sector contributes significantly to the Australian economy. In order to attract, to attract foreign investors, the Australian government has created many investment opportunities in this field, especially farm investment. The Australian business innovation and investment visa is the best choice to facilitate entrepreneurs to invest in this potential field.
The stock market in Australia has attracted a large number of experts and investors. However, this market is still volatile. Therefore, in order to avoid risk as much as possible, you need to learn carefully before making a decision on investment. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Vem. Our CEO has more than 10 years of experience in Australian immigration and investment consultation. In addition, Vem's investment fund advisory partners are willing to support you, especially for those who apply for the subclass 188B and 188C visa.
Holding an Australian business innovation and investment visa you can invest in real estate or property development. Since the growth rate of Australian real estate has been quite stable. For more security investment reasons, many investors choose to invest in this field to fulfill their visa requirements. If you want to invest in the property business in Australia, keep in mind to find a reputable and reliable Australian migration agency to assist you. Vem's clients are always advised and supported by professional migration consultants and real estate specialists.
When it comes to investment in the Australian market, farms, real estate, stock investment and other areas are the things that quickly spring to the mind of most people. Not many think about starting a food and beverage business. Food and beverage field is still very potential for investment in the Australian market and many investors have been successful. This area, in fact, is highly profitable and non-complicated that entrepreneurs should consider for the business/investment visa purpose.

Frequently asked question

As a licensed migration consultant as well as a member of the migration institute of Australia, Mr. Phong Cao has advised and supported many clients to successfully apply for business/ investment visas. With many years of experience in advising on this area, he shares the matter that entrepreneurs and investors most concerned:
The answer is yes. The applicants must provide the evidence to prove the sources of funds of your assets.
Eligible sources of assets can include cash, personal properties, stocks/bonds and assets from business activities,… Proving with these documents is a complicated process for entrepreneurs and investors. Therefore, vem will guide and support our clients to make these documents accurately.
The answer is no. If you want to increase your chances of a visa grant, you should make an appropriate application that meets the requirements.
You must achieve at least functional English (4.5 IELTS) to apply for visa 188A, visa 188B and visa 188C. If you have not achieved this score, you are required to pay an extra fee
Countries may have different financial year. For example, Australian financial year starts on the 1st of July and end on the 31st of June of the following year, Vietnamese financial year starts on the 1st of January and end on the 31st of December of the same year.

The Australian government does not accept migrants with infectious diseases/risks to Australian public health such as hiv/aids, hepatitis b, tuberculosis,…

The matters on health requirements are complicated, please contact us for specific advice.

After submitting your visa application, vem will support you in getting medical examination.

The temporary residence visa is valid for up to 5 years. and the permanent resident visa is indefinite.

It depends on the type of temporary resident visa you apply for. Please refer to “the requirement of residence time to apply for an Australian 888 visa” for more information.

Please refer to the article: “Tips to successful Australian naturalization” for the details of all requirements.

A high immigration point is an advantage, but it does not determine how long the processing time would take. The only way for your application to be processed early is to make a ready-decided application.

The answer is yes if you submit a valid application while you are in Australia.

When holding a subclass 188 visa, you are not entitled to have health insurance benefits in Australia. you need to buy health insurance for this period.

The dependent (child) needs to be under 23 years old at the time of visa decision.

Australia does not have a green card, but you can reside permanently in Australia when you hold a subclass 888 permanent resident visa.

Please refer to the requirement for each subclass for detailed information.

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