subclass 188A visa
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Subclass 188A Visa
Holding this subclass 188A visa, applicants are allowed to stay in Australia temporarily, run a new business or buy an existing business in Australia.
subclass 188b visa
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Subclass 188B Visa
Subclass 188B visa (investor stream) is a temporary visa that requires applicants to invest at least 2,500,000 AUD in the categories regulated by the Australian government.
significant investor visa australia
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Subclass 188C Visa
Subclass 188C visa is targeted by those who have significant funds to invest in Australia. Specifically, the amount of money needed to be invested is at least 5,000,000 AUD in investment funds regulated by the Australian government to fulfil the requirements for becoming permanent residents.
subclass 188e
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Subclass 188E Visa
To apply for the subclass 188E visa, the applicants must have an endorsed concept of a product, service, or business in Australia. This contempt must be nominated by a State or Territory government agency.
Subclass 888 Visa
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Subclass 888 Visa
Visa 888 allows investors holding a subclass 188 visa to become permanent residents, having the opportunity to become Australian citizens.